Perixx PERIBOARD-804i UK Bluetooth Keyboard

Submitted by nigel on Saturday 17th November 2012

If you intend to do a lot of typing on a tablet computer or cellphone then it's wise to invest in an external Bluetooth keyboard. With that in mind I purchased the Perixx PERIBOARD-804i UK keyboard for use with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and my HTC Desire HD.

Keyboard back

The product comes with a micro USB cable and needs charging for 2 hours before use by connecting it to a computer. Once charged the fun started - trying to get the keyboard to pair with my devices. There is an incredibly confusing on/off slider on the back of the keyboard which has counter-intuitive colouring behind the options. Take it from me slid to the left with the green background is 'on'. Sensible people will now believe that they are good to go at this point. WRONG! This mistake cost me half an hour and a great deal of frustration. I didn't realise I had to then press the near invisible, and totally unlabelled soft 'connect' button. Once that has been accomplished the keyboard is finally ready.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Pairing

Firstly you need to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the tablet. Go to Settings and check out the on / off slider. If you are not using a Bluetooth device, it is better to have this off to preserve precious battery life. Once it is enables, press 'Scan' so the tablet discovers all those devices in range it can pair to. You'll see a little keyboard icon and it's device identifier so touch that. You will then be asked to type a PIN on the keyboard to authenticate. Do this and hit return on the keyboard.

Pairing 2

You should now see that the keyboard has been successfully paired and it in use!! Yippee!

HTC Desire HD running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread *DOES NOT WORK*

Go to Settings->Wireless and networks and touch the Bluetooth checkbox to activate.


Touch 'Scan for devices' and you should see 'Bluetooth Keyboard'.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Touch 'Bluetooth Keyboard' and you will be presented with the pairing request. Touch the combination '0000' then 'Ok' on the phone, and type '0000' + return on the keyboard.


Your devices should now pair. Unfortunately for me whilst it paired, it would not connect. There is an Android app in the play store called BlueKeyboard JP which provides a driver for Android phones to connect with Bluetooth keyboards, but it isn't compatible with the HTC Desire HD / Android Gingerbread combination


The keyboard working with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 was excellent and even the function keys worked for instance for video playback. There was no discernible lag between hitting a key and it being displayed on the Galaxy's screen.

Whilst it is no fault of the keyboard that it won't work with my phone, I was disappointed nonetheless being an avid SMS sender. Therefore, perhaps irrationally, I have decided to mark it down and the keyboard only receives three stars.

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