Vote For Your Favourite "The Wire" Season

The broadcasting of the long-running, hard-hitting Baltimore narcotics and homicide police, politics and gangs HBO drama had finished before I finally watched my first episode. In fact, the entire five seasons had been rerun back-to-back before it occurred to me I may be missing out on something special. I have never been interested in the tyranny of tuning in to watch a show at a particular time of week, and I have always shunned policiers. I am however open to persuasion when my peers discuss a show relentlessly to such an extent I feel exclusion at my lack of knowledge of the catch-phrases and the major plot developments.

With that in mind, I decided to take the plunge, and in doing so, stumbled upon a new way of watching TV series. This has significant advantages over the more traditional method of sitting down at a prescribed time of the week:

  • Flexibility of viewing. This is important for a complex narrative with numerous characters where the tendency would be to forget names and references from one week to the next. With a DVD boxset entire evenings can be allocated to watching consecutive shows;
  • Greater choice of viewing. The common refrain in most households is "There's nothing on the box tonight". This nicely sidesteps that debate.
  • Boxsets are relatively inexpensive. By the time I came round to the show, secondhand boxsets could be sourced for between £8 and £12. They originally retailed for up to £50 a piece. Some saving!

Ok - so lets have a vote for your favourite season. Here's a reminder of the salient points **SPOILER ALERT**

  • Season 1
     The low-rises • The Barksdale clan • Jimmy McNulty • Avon goes down;
  • Season 2
     The city port • The Greeks • Proposition Joe • Containers • fourteen deaths in the cans;
  • Season 3
     The Barksdale clan • Hamsterdam • 'Stringer' Bell and Avon • Tommy Carcetti • Omar Little;
  • Season 4
     The school system • Running for mayor • Marlo Stanfield • The vacants;
  • Season 5
     The Baltimore Sun • Homeless deaths • Budget cuts in the council • Fake serial killer;

A quick trawl around the Internet suggests that the vast majority believe season 4 to be he best, whilst season 5 is the (relatively speaking) weakest. But I'm going to fly in the face of conventional wisdom and put my favourites in the sequence of 1-3-2-4-5.

So what's yours? >>>Vote here>>>

Now I've discovered HBO it's time to move on to Carnivale, Deadwood, and The Tudors. Check back later folks!