Customizing the Drupal 6 LiteJazz Theme - Removing Taxonomy Terms and Links

Submitted by nigel on Thursday 15th October 2009

Its highly likely that you won't want the taxonomy terms and links on your Drupal pages. The removal of the terms is possibly one of the easiest jobs you will encounter - a true two minutes and you're done

The terms and links are displayed from the node.tpl.php template in the theme. So to remove them a simple edit of that file is required. First change to the correct directory

$ cd sites/all/themes/beezee
and use your favourite edit to open node.tpl.php. Locate the following and comment:
//print $terms
and if you also want to remove the links at the bottom of the page, comment out
<!--<div class="links">-->
//print $links; 
and the job is done. Two minutes as promised.
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