iCalendar ics Perl FIFA 2010 World Cup Coding Tutorial

Submitted by nigel on Sunday 6th December 2009

The following pages provide an exercise in developing a small system to create an ics iCalendar file which will contain the fixtures for the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup. The calendar file will then be published on a public caldav server enabling those that wish to subscribe to the calendar.

Tutorial 1: Screenscraping

It is not in my nature to sit down and type in all the World Cup fixtures! Therefore the first tutorial will show how to screenscrape the fixtures from a news site off the Internet.

Tutorial 2: Perl Script to Generate .ics iCalendar file

The engine room of this little project is to generate the .ics file. I am using the Perl scripting language - the ideal choice for this particular type of work.

Tutorial 3: Publishing using Chandler and Cosmo/Chandler Server

Once the .ics file is ready to rumble, it needs to be copied into a public place so anyone who wants can subscribe to it.

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