The Regettable Rise and Rise of Franchise Coffee Shops
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The phenomenon of the coffee franchise didn't really hit me at first. Living in London there always has been a selection of traditional Italian coffee houses dotted all over the West End. Most of these coffee shops, and note how I avoid using the dreadful 90s phrase coffee boutiques, served the most delicious cappuccino and espresso, and there were always a myriad of temptations behind the glass counters should the diet be starting the following day.

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The Four Greatest Headers of a Football..
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That sort of title is bound to provoke controversy and I will concede that it would be wise to replace 'greatest' with "favourites of Badzilla". I have always had a fondness towards any footballer brave enough to stick his head into the firing line, particular as when I was growing up a sodden lacey football would come close to decapitating an unsuspecting schoolboy.

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Derren Brown - Showman or Charlatan?
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I used to like Derren Brown. Really, I did. In the late 90s and early 00s he would bedazzle with his cunning, showmanship and sleight of hand. His shows were infrequent, tucked away on an obscure channel during the graveyard shift. His quirky, spooky and mystical look, replete with pruned goatee and bedecked in black garb cut quite a swathe. He was something new and exciting; his unbeatable rock-scissors-paper routine was awe-inspiring. His memory tricks baffling and intriguing and by his own admission achieved though "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship".

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Starbucks and How To Jump the Queue - Or Not?
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During 2007 I practically lived in a Starbucks concession near Green Park in central London. I was busy developing a website and could either get a terminal dose of cabin fever developing at home, or get out and about and work in Starbucks where I could interface with other human beings and use the store's WiFi. The human interaction option won over and the shop practically became my office. That particular store was hand-picked and its precise location is a closely guarded secret.

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