openSUSE 11.2 DAViCal Upgrade

Submitted by nigel on Monday 12th July 2010

In my earlier tutorial,, I demonstrated how to get a DAViCal server working on my openSUSE laptop. I used the most up-to-date version at the time, version, which regrettably had a broken public.php resulting in the diagnostic

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qpg() in /home/f27badz/public_html/caldav/inc/CalDAVRequest.php on line 272

Since I wanted to make some sports fixtures publicly accessible, I had to wait for a fix which came along with version 0.9.9. This tutorial details the upgrade path from to 0.9.9.

Firstly, download the tarball from - as I previously mentioned, I downloaded davical-0.9.9.tar.gz. Uncompress the tarball into the /tmp directory.

badzilla@laptop4:/tmp> ls davical*                            
davical-  davical-0.9.9.tar.gz  davical.out  davical.out~  davical.out.saved
awl  ChangeLog  config  COPYING  CREDITS  dba  debian  docs  htdocs  inc  INSTALL  Makefile  po  README  scripts  testing  TODO  VERSION
ChangeLog  config  COPYING  CREDITS  dba  debian  docs  htdocs  inc  INSTALL  Makefile  po  README  scripts  testing  TODO  VERSION
badzilla@laptop4:/tmp> tar xvfz davical-0.9.9.tar.gz
Before we copy the files to the live area on the filesystem, we need to save our configuration. Looking back to my original installation, I used the default example-config.php file as my configuration, so I don't have to do anything with that. I will simply use the new example-config.php copied over to config.php. So, copy the installation files to the live area and create the configuration file.
badzilla@laptop4:/tmp/davical-0.9.9> cp -R * /srv/www/htdocs/davical
badzilla@laptop4:/tmp/davical-0.9.9> cd /srv/www/htdocs/davical/config
badzilla@laptop4:/srv/www/htdocs/davical/config> cp example-config.php config.php
The upgrade requires the running of the update-davical-database script to apply various changes from the different versions.
badzilla@laptop4:/srv/www/htdocs/davical/config> cd ../dba
badzilla@laptop4:/srv/www/htdocs/davical/dba> ./update-davical-database
The database is version 8.4 currently at revision 1.2.7.
Applying patch 1.2.8.sql ... succeeded.
Successfully applied 1 patches.
Supported locales updated.
Updated view: dav_principal.sql applied.
CalDAV functions updated.
RRULE functions updated.
Database permissions updated.

Next we have to upgrade the accompanying awl package as well. This should be downloaded from The latest version for me was awl-0.43.tar.gz which I downloaded into my /tmpdirectory. This needs to be expanded with:

badzilla@laptop4:/tmp> tar xvzf awl-0.43.tar.gz
Next copy the files to the live area on your filesystem.
badzilla@laptop4:/tmp> cd awl-0.43
badzilla@laptop4:/tmp/awl-0.43> cp -R * /srv/www/htdocs/davical/awl/.

and that completes the upgrade! Painless! You can check your own configuration by pointing a web browser to http://localhost/davical/htdocs/index.php and you should see the admin screen displayed in my earlier tutorial.

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