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DAViCal Dollar Token Database Write Problem
Last edited on: 20/07/2010 - 11:01

During the testing of my public DAViCal server I noticed a very strange phenomenon. This phenomenon wasn't present in my localhost system which had passed all my testing. Any rate, when I attempted to PUT a calendar .ics file into the PostgreSQL database, the caldav_data table / caldav_data column was being mangled.

This was occurring for all of my calendar files, so at least the error was consistent. My calendar files SHOULD look like (snipped for brevity):

PRODID:Data::ICal 0.15

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openSUSE 11.2 DAViCal Installation
Last edited on: 20/07/2010 - 10:29

There are quite a few choices when it comes to running your own open source Caldav server, including heavyweight groupware solutions such as Scalix and Zimbra, and more dedicated caldav only servers such as DAViCal and Chandler. One of my users was having a problem connecting my jCaldav client to a DAVical server, so I decided to install DAViCal and try it out enabling me to (a) debug my jCaldav client, and (b) offer a hosted caldav server to the community for my sports fixtures.

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openSUSE 11.2 DAViCal Upgrade
Last edited on: 20/07/2010 - 10:28

In my earlier tutorial,, I demonstrated how to get a DAViCal server working on my openSUSE laptop. I used the most up-to-date version at the time, version, which regrettably had a broken public.php resulting in the diagnostic

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qpg() in /home/f27badz/public_html/caldav/inc/CalDAVRequest.php on line 272

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Migration of localhost DAViCal server to Hosted cPanel Solution
Last edited on: 20/07/2010 - 10:28

In my earlier tutorial openSUSE 11.2 DAViCal Installation I went through the steps to install a DAViCal server on a local box. I now want to migrate this installation on to my hosted Badzilla website under the path

This tutorial is to a large extent contingent upon your hosts.

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