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Drupal 7 - Setting Up Piecemaker 3D Slider with InnoCompany Theme
Last edited on: 08/06/2013 - 19:36

Subsequent to my earlier blog on installing and setting up the commercial InnoCompany Drupal 7 theme, it is now time to do something useful - set up the Piecemaker 3D slider which is based on Flash animation, with an XML configuration file. Thankfully a lot of the work has already been bundled into the InnoCompany theme and there isn't that much to do. Principally the slider images, captions and links are included in theme configuration, and there are 10 available placeholders which means the carousel may have up to 10 images.

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Drupal 7 - Installing and Setting Up the Commercial InnoCompany Theme
Last edited on: 02/06/2013 - 18:11

This is a tutorial for installing and setting up the commercial InnoCompany Theme that retails for around $45 in the US (£32 or so in the UK). The theme offers a multi-purpose corporate solution, but my own use is to create a portfolio site. I consider myself a back-end Drupal dev first and foremost, and my feeling is it would take me too long to create a neat portfolio site (which must of course be Drupal) from scratch. That effort would detract from my paid work for my clients and the pro bono weekend work I undertake for charities.

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PHP Download Twitter Friends and Follow Back
Last edited on: 19/04/2013 - 20:10

This continues my earlier tutorial PHP Download Twitter Followers and Save in MySQL Database by providing the functionality to:

  1. Download an account's friends and save this into a MySQL database
  2. Provide a discrepancy check between this list and the followers list, and delete all friends that are not also following
  3. Provide a discrepancy check between followers and friends, and follow back all those the account is not currently following
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PHP Download Twitter Followers and Save in MySQL Database
Last edited on: 16/04/2013 - 22:34

Regular readers will know I created a TwitterBot and documented it here. The biggest problems with the system which retweets according to search criteria are two-fold:

  1. It can be hijacked by the malicious / nefarious for sending off-message tweets to the entire follower base
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PHP Retweeting Twitter Bot Using Streaming API Search Results
Last edited on: 16/04/2013 - 22:00

The introduction of the Twitter Streaming API now provides the Twitter developer with an accurate method of obtaining real-time search results. Previously the developer would have had to use the existing REST service which is not guaranteed to provide either timely or thorough results. The new Streaming API can be used with basic authentication based on an existing account, whilst the REST API requires the more complex OAuth method of authentication.

Armed with this knowledge I decided to develop a Twitter Bot with the following functionality:

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Building a MythTV HTPC - Requirements
Last edited on: 13/04/2013 - 13:01

I had a germination of the idea of an all conquering HTPC build almost 18 months ago. I moved into my new apartment and had a Sky satellite dish installed on the roof, but being such a visionary (guffaw), I ensured that the dish had a quad LNB - this would support a maximum of two Sky+ boxes (each capable of recording two channels simultaneously). However, I had an idea - how about a Sky+ box and dual tuner Freesat? This would provide HD and all the Freeview channels (should I ultimately dump Sky) and I could connect via a Freesat tuner card in an HTPC.

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Drupal Bookcat Module
Last edited on: 29/03/2013 - 23:35

Welcome to the home page of the Drupal Bookcat module. Bookcat is a read-only port of the Explorer output of FNProgramvare's Bookcat book collector's database Windows product. It must be stressed that my module in no way replaces FNPRG's product of the same name - it merely extends its usefulness by making your Bookcat databases available to a wider user-base on the Drupal platform.

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Drupal 7 - User Restrictions Batch Module
Last edited on: 04/03/2013 - 18:59

This module extends the existing user_restrictions module by providing a mechanism for the bulk import of prohibited words in the screen name during user registration. This is useful to ensure that on a community site no users attempt to create accounts with offensive names. Without this module, any admin wishing to add a few hundred words to the user_restrictions list would face quite an onerous chore to type them all in. With the module, they can be cut and pasted from an existing source into a textarea in one go.

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Evaluate Windows 8 in VirtualBox running on openSUSE Linux
Last edited on: 24/02/2013 - 13:01

Being a die-hard Linux user I have tried to eliminate Microsoft products from my life. Unfortunately I've not been totally successful, and I still have recourse to using a few software packages that are only available on the Windows platform. Therefore I have three options - (1) Use a second machine to run the Windows apps, (2) Reboot my Linux machine into a Windows partition, (3) Run a VirtualBox in Linux, and in that VirtualBox have a copy of Windows running.

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Drupal 7 - Node Limit Publish Module
Last edited on: 12/02/2013 - 12:16

This module adds a configurable limit to how many nodes of any content type can be published at any one time. This is useful in circumstances such as when a website has created content types of polls or competitions or quizzes but only one of each type can be live and published at any one time. Of course the module allows limits other than 1 in case there is such a circumstance. The default is 0 which means unlimited. A web author may create content and exceed the limits providing the content remains unpublished. This allows for content to be created in advance of publication.

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