Building a Home FreeNAS Server - Bill of Materials

Submitted by nigel on Wednesday 8th August 2012

The objective of the exercise was to build a budget FreeNAS server with 4TB capacity to house my music collection in MP3 and FLAC format, yet costs as little as is possible by reusing hardware from previous projects. I was actually very lucky; in most instances there is additional expense, such as having to buy additional cabling, screws, or Molex to SATA connectors. In this instance I didn't have to buy anything else - I was able to source everything from the bone yards that are my many junk boxes.

Bill of Materials
Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H Socket LGA775 with Intel Dual Core CPU E2200 @ 2.2GHz £0
Chassis Generic Tower Case £0
Monitor 15" AOC LM520A £0
Keyboard Systemax 102 keys £0
Memory Kingston 2GB DDR2 6400 800MHz + Corsair 1GB DDR2 6400 800MHz £0
Hard Disks 3 x Western Digital WD20EARX 6Gbit/sec SATA3 £251.67
USB Memory Stick SanDisk Cruzer Edge 2GB £0
  TOTAL £251.67
Built Box
Built Box

The final built box is shown below. You should be able to see that I've tidied the cabling with cable ties, and I've threaded the jumpers under the motherboard. This keeps everything neat.

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