Building a Home FreeNAS Server - Troubleshooting

Submitted by nigel on Friday 10th August 2012
The first time that I rebooted my completed FreeNAS server I was surprised to note it wouldn't boot. I got a diagnostic:
This is a FreeNAS data disk and can not boot system. System halted.
In fact this isn't a FreeNAS problem - it's a problem with the boot order of the PC which is set in the BIOS. This was a big surprise because I'd configured the BIOS to only boot from the USB memory stick. But that's not the entire story.

The system BIOS will vary depending upon the motherboard. Accessing the BIOS also varies, and on my system I repeatedly tap the del key during the start up. Select the second option Advanced BIOS Features


The next screen shows the advanced features. Select Hard Disk Boot Priority


Ensure that the USB stick is top of the list of drives. Check out the help on the right side of the screen for the mechanism of doing this.

Save this and reboot the machine and you are back in business

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