Submitted by nigel on Monday 2nd October 2017

Nigel Milligan is a time-served industry professional, having worked in technology for over 35 years. He specialises in the following core skills: AWS DevOps Architecture and Engineering, Team Leadership and Solution Architecture. In addition he has worked with a significant number of adjacent technologies including Linux Engineering, JavaScript, CSS + SASS, Zend, Symfony, and PHP frameworks such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Nigel is also interested in emerging technologies, and is currently working on Amazon Lambda with the Serverless framework, and widening its appeal to include the currently unsupported PHP language. 

Nigel was a Senior Project Manager and Programme Manager before switching back in 2007 to being technically focused. During his management period his most notable achievements included delivering the BBC's NT Server Infrastructure with a budget of £13m, and being Line Manager for a team of 43 whilst at UBS Swiss Bank. 

Nigel is a twice published non-fiction author. His first book was published in 2000 and a subsequent book unrelated to the first was published in 2016. In addition he has the rare combination of a Masters degree in the Arts, and a Bachelors in Science (Decision Maths and Computing). Supplementing these achievements are a part-completed Law degree and a HTEC diploma in Engineering. 

Nigel is usually extremely busy but due to market forces, he does sometimes get opportunity to take on additional work. If you have commercial work which you feel would fit his skillset, please get in touch (see below). Nigel would be particularly interested in taking on Support Contracts on an annual retainer basis, or medium duration contracts. Please note regrettably he cannot take on ad hoc fixes to existing sites without a support contract being in place. 

Contact Details

We live in a sad world where the Internet is inundated with spammers. For this reason there is no "Contact Me" form on this site. However, if you would like to contact Nigel, simply send him a message through his LinkedIn profile. He is always extremely responsive!