Disable Annoying System Beep on OpenSUSE 11.3

Submitted by nigel on Saturday 27th November 2010

If you have ever been annoyed or embarrassed by the extremely loud system beep in OpenSUSE then you've probably trawled the Internet for a way of disabling it. There are many solutions out there, most don't seem to work. After a little trial and error I finally have the definitive solution. You need the xset command with the -b flag. So:

badzilla@laptop4:/> xset -b

Of course you don't want to have to remember to type this every time you boot the machine. So, the best place to put the call would be in the .bashrc script which is in your home directory. Add it to the end, but make sure you include an absolute path. The xset executable on my machine is at /usr/bin.

badzilla@laptop4:~> cat .bashrc
# Sample .bashrc for SuSE Linux
# Copyright (c) SuSE GmbH Nuernberg
# There are 3 different types of shells in bash: the login shell, normal shell
# and interactive shell. Login shells read ~/.profile and interactive shells
# read ~/.bashrc; in our setup, /etc/profile sources ~/.bashrc - thus all
# settings made here will also take effect in a login shell.
# NOTE: It is recommended to make language settings in ~/.profile rather than
# here, since multilingual X sessions would not work properly if LANG is over-
# ridden in every subshell.
# Some applications read the EDITOR variable to determine your favourite text
# editor. So uncomment the line below and enter the editor of your choice :-)
#export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim
#export EDITOR=/usr/bin/mcedit
# For some news readers it makes sense to specify the NEWSSERVER variable here
#export NEWSSERVER=your.news.server
# If you want to use a Palm device with Linux, uncomment the two lines below.
# For some (older) Palm Pilots, you might need to set a lower baud rate
# e.g. 57600 or 38400; lowest is 9600 (very slow!)
#export PILOTPORT=/dev/pilot
#export PILOTRATE=115200
export IPLAYER_OUTDIR="/home/badzilla/bbc"
test -s ~/.alias && . ~/.alias || true
/usr/bin/xset -b
Your .bashrc will be different, for instance it's unlikely you'll be using the get_iplayer utility like I am, but just stick the xset call at the end and you'll be sorted
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